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Senior Teacher

Myra was born and raised in South Africa to Greek parents, educated in England and now lives in Athens. She achieved a joint honours BA in Art and Psychology at the University of Reading and enjoyed studying learning theories. Whilst at University, Myra helped design STEAM based workshops for children in the South of England. She went on to produce and provide educational programmes for museums in London. Myra moved to Athens in November 2018 and now works as an English teacher. When she came to Athens she became aware of the lack of creative and innovative learning, despite the effort and focus put on education, so decided to change that. Myra’s focus is for children to be learning producers, not consumers.

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Jenny was born in America and raised in Greece. She graduated from the Univeristy of North Carolina with a BA in Child Devepment and Family Studies. She then moved to Sheffield and completed her MSc in Psychology and Education. Whilst completing her studies she worked with children in formal and informal educaional settings. She worked home schooled students on social interaction and communication skills, coached single mothers and assisted rehabilitation of the families. After university she worked in special education schools with children on the autism spectrum, using Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), which improves academic, social, motor and self-care skills. Jenny moved to Greece in 2019 and started working as an English teacher. She is dedicated to making each lesson creative and fun, and most importantly customised to each students' needs.

Our team: Staff
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