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English Lessons Children in Athens. How English immersion, project-based learning and STEAM come together

Our approach offers a way to learn English from beginner to proficiency that will aid comprehension, understanding, communication and fluency.

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Sessions are based on topics, such as microbes, ancient history, space or music.

We explore and use skills from the STEAM subjects:

  • Science: observation, questioning and experimenting

  • Technology: simple eg. wheels and complex eg. coding

  • Engineering: designing and building

  • Arts: culture, innovation, creativity and practical skills eg. painting and drawing

  • Maths: measurement, patterns and spatial sense

Engineering Robot Car


Participants are introduced to the topic and are inspired to find and ask questions, observe, predict, experiment and discuss.

Project-based teaching involves teaching skills through activities that are relevant to real life. Participants do a full investigation of a topic in a project. They use ideas, methods, and vocabulary from different subjects to question, solve problems and create in a fun and engaging way. 

Girls Talking


Our sessions are in English so participants have complete English immersion. Participants learn language and phrases in everyday scenarios and daily conversation, and learn to express themselves in English. Taking part in English immersion has been found to improve pronunciation, fluency, grammar and confidence in the English language.

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Our sessions also aim to improve 21st century skills.

The skills include:

  • collaboration

  • communication and social skills

  • exploration

  • research gathering

  • analytics

  • organisation

  • presentation

  • open mindedness

  • creativity

  • solving complex problems

  • innovation, coming up with new idea

These skills are important for young people in order to be ready for the requirements of higher education and employers. We can ensure that young are ready to to be part of the global community and compete in the global market.

Go to Find out more to see more about our method and to Take Part to find out how you can enjoy our sessions. 

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