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ImPart Summer Camp: FAQ


Campers aged 15-17 from the UK and Greece will join in a 2-week summer programme in Athens. Campers get a fun summer holiday in the Greek sunshine with other young people, whilst learning and practicing a new set of exciting, innovative skills. The camp is residential so campers stay the night, eat and relax together and with a group of counsellors for the duration of the camp.


English language learners will be completely immersed in the English language with the native English speakers in order to practice and improve their English. Taking part in English immersion means participants will practice daily conversation and use of english for real-life communication rather than only focussing on the form and function of the language. Immersion promotes language acquisition much like how people learn their first language and aids effective communication. Campers will better their understanding and fluency in English to compliment their English learning during the school year and boost their knowledge for exams and, for those that have already completed their proficiency, it is an opportunity to practice and apply all they have learnt. They will exercise grammar, pronunciation, conversation and most of all confidence in English. Language immersion has been found to improve grammar to near-native fluency.


Native english campers will have training in learning facilitation for pairs and groups.They will take part in a one-day session to learn how to facilitate learning amongst the campers, collaborate with other people and promote language and conversation in the English language learners. The native english campers will adopt important learning techniques, confidence, communication and cooperation skills. Participants will also engage in a cultural exchange and find out about each other’s cultures.


All participants will complete team activities, performances, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) workshops and practical career workshops in order to learn problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, experimentation, communication, collaboration, evaluation, presentation and CV, interview, networking and public speaking. 

Camp days will also be filled with sports, swimming, yoga, singing, dancing, acting, campfire songs, craft & making, scavenger hunts, star gazing, counselor makeovers, water fights….

All of the workshops at the camp are being delivered to young people in Athens through our Part workshop programme. 

The summer camp intends to produce individuals with 21st century skills. They are catered towards what is demanded and developed in higher education and key skills young people will need in the current job market.

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